Director's Message
Mr.Pratap Chandra Pradhan (Director)
The advent of globalisation of our growing economy has ushered in a golden age of evolutions. This has a tremendous impact on our life style, culture, education & technology. Our pursuit of excellence over the years has enabled us to build of excellent infrastructure and equipment. Our staff continually strives to update themselves to keep up with the ever changing technological scenario, so as to help the students to gain a sense of self esteem and emerge as competent professionals. We sincerely wish the young minds would grow luxuriantly in our educational campus, share our vision and fulfil their dreams at Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. We would like to convey our greetings and good wishes to students, teachers, guardians and well- wishers who have an abiding attraction for Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and its academic ambience. With the dramatic development in all the fields in the recent past, it has become extremely important for all of us to strive hard to keep pace with the changing scenario. We need to work together to maintain excellence in teaching and other aspects in order to compete with other institutes here. Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is commited to equally promoting talent without any prejudice. I strongly believe, like me, you would also love to enjoy the privilege of becoming a part of this Institute.
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