Principal's Message
Prof. (Dr) Bikash Kumar Nanda (Principal)
Learning is a treasure that will follow with owner everywhere. The purpose of learning is to enrich knowledge and the human mind can continue to grow as long as it continues to live. Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences constantly scans the developments in business and in society and tries to meet the challenges with its objective" In pursuit of Excellence" i.e. focusing on academic excellence, personal values and social concern. This benefits both individuals and the country. For individuals, the potential benefit is in the quality of life and in the economic returns of sustained employment. For the country the potential benefits lie in its economic growth and the development of shared values that underpin social cohesion. My best wishes to all the members of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in their pursuit of excellence and I hope that the students can live a life enriched with knowledge an empowered with education of a bright future.
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